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ISTinox Pre-conditioned Air Units

The cool solution

In the last decades, the cooling of the aircraft has been conventionally carried out with DX equipment, whereby optimal cooling of the Aircraft cabin was never achieved. ISTinox DXi stands for a conventional, stand-alone PCA device (DX) with the difference that we revolutionize the cooling of the aircraft with an innovative (i) new concept and thus ensuring the well-being of the passengers and the aircraft crew under all conditions.

The Problem
Aircrafts cannot be cooled to specified cabin temperatures with hot outside temperatures.

The Need
Ensuring the well-being of passengers and crew, even at extremely high outside air temperatures.

The Solution
With a new cooling concept, continuous cooling of the docked aircraft is guaranteed.

Ensuring the well-being of the passengers and the aircraft crew under all conditions

The new cooling concept

Under rated conditions the ISTinox PCA unit produces the required air flow rate (15’000 kg/hr) and cools it constantly to the required temperature. In order to optimize the cooling of the aircrafts, the new DXi unit has two cooling coils to ensure continuous cooling of the aircraft even during defrosting.

In addition, the new refrigeration concept also optimizes the regulation of the defrost cycle. De-icing only takes place when it is necessary and, contrary to existing systems, it is not timed but measured. The de-icing cycle takes place approximately every 50 minutes and lasts around 6-8 minutes. During the defrosting cycle, the first compressor runs continuously; thus, the temperature of the PCA does not climb to values higher approx. 5,5°C during the defrosting cycle and continuous cooling of the aircraft is guaranteed.


Continous cooling during defrosting

During defrosting the unit outlet temperature generally remains below 0°C, except for a short period of approx. 5-6 minutes, where the maximum outlet temperature peaks at approx. 5,5°C.

Improved cooling

The dual-circuit cooling system ensures continuous cooling of the aircraft.

The PCA outlet temperature is very stable throughout the process.

Defrosting takes place only when needed and not according to a fixed schedule.

Low operating costs

Longevity thanks to uncompromising execution quality with high-quality materials.

Thermally separated device housing ensures low energy losses.

Easy to maintain

All components are heavy-duty industrial standard with a long service life at low maintenance.

All components are easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning thanks to large inspection doors.

Faster turn around time

Faster pull down and cabin cooling time due to continous cooling leads to reduced aircraft Turn Around Time and enhanced passenger satisfaction.

ISTinox PCA Products