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Pipeline Construction

Pipeline systems in Stainless Steel

Whether water, milk, chocolate or hydrogen peroxide ... we supply the right pipeline system in stainless steel for your process plants and meet the highest hygienic and quality standards.

All our employees are certified according to EN ISO 9606-1

We only work with professionals

For more than 40 years, we have been manufacturing and assembling pipeline systems in stainless steel for process engineering plants, water supply and municipal systems. All pipe components are welded in our factory by our qualified engineers. 


In the medical, chemical and pharmaceutical as well as for food and beverage industry, compliance with the highest hygienic standards is indispensable. For this reason special attention has to be paid to the welding. Welding in this sensitive area may only be carried out by qualified welders who have the welding certificate according to
EN ISO 9606-1. All our employees have passed the welding certificate by an authorized institute. These tests are repeated at regular intervals. Partially, our welders have further separate process tests in the field of plant and pipeline construction.

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Water supply and sewage treatment plants

We plan and produce complete piping systems according to your specifications or isometrics. We also have a wide range of standardized or customized products for water supply and waste water treatment plants.

Pumping station ARA Belp

ARA Region Bern AG 2009/2010

Drinking water supply Felskin

WV Saas Fee 2012

Turnkey water supply plant WV Horw

Gemeinde Horw 2005/2006

Deep ventilation system and refurbishment of sludge and gas containers

ARA Thunersee