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Introducing the newest PCA technology - ISTinox DXi


In the last decades, the cooling of the aircraft has been conventionally carried out with DX equipment, whereby optimal cooling of the Aircraft cabin was never achieved. ISTinox DXi stands for a conventional, stand-alone PCA device (DX) with the difference that we revolutionize the cooling of the aircraft with an innovative (i) new concept and thus ensuring the well-being of the passengers and the aircraft crew under all conditions.

Under rated conditions the ISTinox PCA unit produces the required air flow rate (15’000 kg/hr) and cools it constantly to the required temperature. In order to optimize the cooling of the aircrafts, the new DXi unit has two cooling coils to ensure continuous cooling of the aircraft even during defrosting. Read more...

Newsletter 02/19


New waste solvent tank farm in Full-Reuenthal


In order to expand its storage capacity, Chiresa has acquired an industrial site with an existing tank farm in Full-Reuenthal from a former chemical plant. In a first phase, we partially renovated the existing tank farm and expanded it with a new waste solvent tank farm.

IST-Edelstahl-Anlagenbau AG was commissioned as a specialist for solvent tank farms to plan the new tank farm and to build it as a general contractor. The new building in the existing tank farm comprises 4 storage tanks of 100 m3 each, a settling tank of 45 m3 and the refurbishment of the existing lorry and rail transhipment. In addition, a new fire protection center was created for the entire system. IST designed the basic concept according to the Tank Storage Guidelines for the Chemical Industry (TRCI) and accompanied Chiresa from the first drafts to the construction permit.


CSL Behring Protinus creates 50 new jobs in the city of Bern


On 10 September 2018, the foundation stone was laid for the new building of CSL Behring AG. The new building includes two new production lines for the production of immunoglobulin products and creates around 50 new jobs in the city of Bern.

IST was awarded the contract for various projects of this new building, including the complete refrigeration treatment. The works started before Christmas 2018 and last until spring 2020.


The leadership stays in the family


For all who do not know me yet ... my name is Andrea Zimmermann and I took over the management of our company as of January 1, 2019, after having served as deputy managing director and right hand of my company for almost ten years.

I guarantee you that I will continue the company with the same high level of commitment and the usual high quality as my father. And I am glad that we do not have to deal without him completely. He will continue to support our company with his experience and expertise as an engineer.

We would like to sincerely thank you for the confidence you have placed in us and the good cooperation we have enjoyed over the last few years and look forward to a successful and exciting future.

New ISTinox Telescopic Tubes at Airport Zurich


The existing aluminum telescopic tubes at Zurich Airport, Terminal B, will be replaced by ISTinox stainless steel telescopic tubes. The stainless steel pipes are characterized by a longer service life, lower maintenance and a high standard of hygiene.

We are proud that the entire Zurich Airport is now equipped with ISTinox telescopic tubes. The first pipes were already installed in Terminal E in 1999 and are still in operation.

Introducing the new ISTinox PCA Hose Retriever


The optimal layout of the air hose is a big challenge, since the PCA connections of the different aircraft types are at different positions. To enable an optimal operation, flexible handling of the hose length is required.With the new ISTinox retriever system, we can cover this need of the airports. Depending on the type of aircraft, the ground staff can roll out the specifically needed length of the air hose. This prevents the overhang of the hose on the apron and reduces the potential for kinks and corresponding pressure losses. Through the use of a remote control device located at the connection to the aircraft, the retriever can be operated easily and safely by one person, thus minimizing wear to the air hose and the aircraft coupling.


Additional Telescopic Tubes at Madrid-Barajas Airport


In addition to the 5 installed tubes, ISTinox will replace six fiberglass telescopic tubes with stainless steel telescopic tubes at Madrid-Barajas airport. The installation is planned for summer 2018.

The stainless steel tubes have a longer service life, less maintenance and a high hygienic standard.


Installation of DX 400 at Bilbao Airport


In Bilbao, the thermometer climbs to over 30°C in summer. The existing equipment at Bilbao airport does not provide the necessary cooling capacity during these hot days to efficiently cool the aircraft cabin. That is why the airport decided to test our ISTinox DX 400 as an alternative to the existing equipment as the first airport worldwide - with success. At an outside temperature of 29.7°C, the aircraft cabin of an Airbus A 320 was cooled down to the target temperature of 24°C within a very short time.


Stainless Steel Telescopic Tubes at Fuerteventura Airport


IST has got the order to replaced the fiberglass telescopic tubes with stainless steel telescopic tubes at Fuerteventura airport in December 2017.

Stainless Steel Telescopic Tubes at Bilbao and Ibiza Airport


IST has replaced the fiberglass telescopic tubes with stainless steel telescopic tubes at Bilbao airport in spring/summer 2017. Furthermore IST has installed two Stainless Steel Telescopic Tubes at Ibiza Airport in August 2017. The stainless steel tubes have a longer service life, less maintenance and a high hygienic standard.

New Hose Reels at Airport Hamburg


By 2020, all 30 existing hose cars at Hamburg Airport will be replaced by electric stainless steel hose reels. The first 6 bridges have already been retrofitted, the next 9 bridges are planned in December 2016.

Completion of PCA Systems at Munich Airport


At Munich Airport, IST has equipped 64 gates with PCA systems at Munich Airport. The PCA systems are replacing the auxiliary power units used for the air conditioning of the aircraft - and reduce kerosene consumption and the associated CO2 emissions.


Hydrogen peroxide tank farm for Brenntag Schweizerhall


IST is awarded the contract for the new hydrogen peroxide tank storage facility for Brenntag Schweizerhall AG. The tank storage consisting of two 60 m3 tanks and a 40 m3 tank is planned, manufactured and assembled by IST as a general contractor.


New solvent tank farm for von Roll Schweiz AG


The new solvent tank farm for von Roll Schweiz AG was planned, built and assembled by IST AG as a general contractor. The entire construction period lasted 17 months from the purchase order through the building permit to the operating permit.