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PCA (Pre-conditioned Air) and 400 Hz

Based on years of experience, competent expertise and innovative ideas, IST offers the world‘s first totally integrated system for the supply of electrical power (400 Hz) and pre-conditioned air (PCA) to aircraft on the ground: the Aircraft Ground Energy System AGES.

Through the use of high-quality materials, ISTinox Pre-conditioned Air products have an above average service life with low maintenance and minimal pressure and temperature losses. In addition, the use of stainless steel allows compliance with the highest hygienic standards.

Stationary Aircraft Supply system

Stationary Aircraft require electrical power (400 Hz) during their stay on the ground. Depending on the ambient environmental conditions, they also require pre-conditioned air (PCA) for the heating and cooling of the cabin.

Traditionally, these ground energy needs are provided by an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) locatedat the rear of the aircraft. As a result of the poor efficiency of this unit (8-14%), the APU is a major contributor to pollutant emissions and noise at airports and their environment.

“Kerosene is for flying, not for ground services.”

The energy-efficient alternative to APUs

Through the use of stationary systems providing power and pre-conditioned air, typical fuel savings of up to 90% (excluding grey energy) can be achieved when compared to the fuel consuption by the APU. The emissions of CO2 and other pollutants are reduced respectively by 90% while the ramp noise level drops considerably.

Invest in the future

Rising fuel prices and a greater need to protect the environment demand a greater awareness and fundamental review of energy efficiency. The implementation of AGES allows airports to invest in the future as well as the environment.

Greener Airports

Less kerosene

The APU consumes between 107 and 240 kgof kerosene per hour of operation. By using PCA, the fuel consumption required by APU operation can be reduced by around 90%.

Less CO2 and NOx

For every 1 kg of kerosene burned, 3.16 kg of CO2 and 0.007 kg of NOx are produced. By using PCA, these emissions produced by APU operation can be reduced by around 90%.

Less noise

The noise level of an APU, depending on the aircraft type, operates in the range of 95 to105 dB A. Using PCA significantly reduces the continuous noise level on the ground.

More energy efficiency

The airlines at Airport Zurich for example consume about
20‘700 t less fuel per year. As a result of the reduced fuel consumption, a total of 65‘500 t of CO2 and 173 t of NOx can be saved at the airport annually.

Customers who have trusted us for many years, thank you!

"We are more than satisfied with the Pre-conditioned Air systems from ISTinox, which have been installed in 1999, and we have not had any problems within the over 17 years of operation at the dock E. The products are still in use, virtually maintenance free and no parts had to be replaced or substituted." Bruno Asal, Head of the HVAC Airport Zurich

"We would like to take the opportunity to reward their (ISTinox) outstanding partnership and professionalism, and we would recommend the company at any time."
Maximilian Hartwig, overall project manager PCA at Munich Airport