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Save fittings, seatposts and welding seams

Complete production of piping components according to your specifications, isometrics and drawings.

Only one welding seem instead of three

Our T-drill TEC 150 and TEC 500 collaring machines allow the precise manufacture of manifolds with a high connection quality. 

- Optimal preparation for welding
- Less distortion during welding
- Only one weld instead of three welding joints
- Better flow characteristics
- Fewer fittings and seat posts required
- Adjustable tools
- Single TEC 500 in Europe with a neck diameter up to DN 500

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The brand IST stands for the highest quality

“Swiss Made” stands for top quality, precision, reliability and exclusivity. Since 1975 we have committed ourself to bringing this concept to the market through the production high quality systems. In order to ensure that Swiss standards of quality are met in every sense, IST‘s products are exclusively produced by our qualified staff at our location in Switzerland. More about us 

Stainless steel components are easy to clean, virtually maintenance free and durable.

Stainless steel is strong, corrosion resistant, wear resistant and resilient.

Stainless steel is aesthetically pleasing.

Stainless steel has a better energy and resource use balance and is 100% recyclable

Stainless steel ensures the highest hygienic standards.

Technically and economically, stainless steel is probably the best solution.