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ISTinox PCA Telescopic Tube

The durable solution for air transport

Manufactured entirely of stainless steel, this double-wall insulated, two or three stage Pre-conditioned Air Telescopic Tube provides high quality and durability; with low maintenance and minimal pressure and temperature losses.

Installed in 1999 and still in use
(Airport Zurich)
Anlagenbau Anlagenbau

Lifecycle of more than 20 years

The telescopic tube is mounted directly under the passenger bridge and channels pre-conditioned air over a hose reel to the aircraft.

Ensuring the highest quality in all aspects, the IST telescopic tube has been developed in cooperation with former Swissair engineers according to the specifications of the Airports. The initially patented telescopic tube is the only PCA tube worldwide that consistently demonstrates a well above average service life of more than 20 years.

The first tubes have been installed at Airport Zurich in the year 2000 and have never had any maintenance work nor replacements of spare parts.


Stable and self-supporting

The telescopic tube is manufactured entirely instainless steel and due to that extremely stable, robust and basically maintenance free. As a result of the exceptionally smooth surfaces that can beachieved through the use of stainless steel, pressure losses are reduced to a minimum. With its special sandwiched insulation the tube achieves a very high K value with low temperature losses. The use of Stainless steel furthermore ensures the highest hygienic standards.

The special construction with flexible outside andinside bearings guarantees a proper adaption of the telescopic tube to axial and lateral movements of the boarding bridge and is furthermore self-supporting over long spans. The gasket designed by IST withstands temperature fluctuations from -40°C to +80°C and is absolutely wear resistant. 

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Advantages of Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is easy to clean and with only minimum maintenance, stainless steel can be maintained in the as-new condition for decades.


The homogeneous nature of stainless steel with its exceptionally smooth and inert surface ensures the highest hygienic standards.


Stainless steel has a better energy and resource balance in production than other materials and is 100% recyclable.


When life cycle costs are considered, stainless steel is technically and economically the best solution.

Airport Zurich

Terminal A, 18 Gates, 1983-1984 / 1999-2000 
Terminal E, 27 Gates, 2000-2003
Terminal A, 17 Gates, 2012-2013

Airport Munich

Terminal 1, 12 Gates, 2016
Terminal 2, 24 Gates, 2015-2016
Satellit, 28 Gates, 2015-2016

Airport Frankfurt

Prototype, 2012

Airport Madrid-Barajas

4 Gates, 2016

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