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Tank Construction

Are you planning a new tank farm?

Then we are the right partner. The planning, production and installation of complete tank farms for solvents, acids and other liquid media is one of our core competences.

Certified according to
PED 2014/68/EU (formerly 97/23/EC)Module A1 and C1
Anlagenbau Anlagenbau

Turnkey projects

We supply turnkey tank farms including piping construction and control in accordance with the regulations of the SVTI, PED and ATEX. We meet all the necessary directives and standards and are certified according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU (formerly 97/23/EC) Module A1 and C1. 

With over 40 years of experience in the planning and implementation of tank solutions, we are your competent partner throughout the entire project. We plan the tank solutions together with you and create the appropriate R + I schemas and drawings. We support you with obtaining the building permit and are responsible for the certification, operating permit and the declaration of conformity. Apart from the building-specific interfaces, you do not require any additional contact persons.

We guarantee costs, deadlines and the best quality.


Tanks and containers in stainless steel

- Tanks and Containers in Stainless Steel
- Non-pressurized tanks and vessels
- Tanks for water pollutant media according to SVTI directive T1d
- Tanks and vessels under the PED 2014/68/EU
- Pressure tanks with outside welded semi-coiled tubes
- Cubic beaded tanks and containers
- Cubic storage tanks
- “Welded on place” tanks
- Stirring vessels

You have a project and are looking for the right partner for its execution?

Contact us:
Phone +41 (0) 33 334 26 00

Expertise from one source

Engineering and Construction

Our engineers support you from design to execution and, if desired, take over the complete planning and construction of your plant.


On more than 4000 m2 of production area with a modern machine park, we process up to 2000 tons of stainless steel every year at our site in Thun.

Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance

Our trained engineers have many years of experience in the assembly of pipelines, tanks and complete process plants.

General Contractor

On request, we can act as a general contractor for integrated projects and assume the responsibility of coordinating all sub-contracts on your behalf.


With our in-house electrical department, we supply you with complete systems and apparatus with electrical and pneumatic control, PLC and required programming and startup.

Prüfverfahren und Einrichtungen

  • X-ray
  • Photo and video endoscoping
  • Ferrite content and oxygen measurement
  • Dye/colour penetration


As TÜV-certified CE Coordinator we support you in compliance with and implementation of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


Solvent tank farm

Von Roll Schweiz AG 2015

Beizen und Passivieren, Nassstrahlen

Solvent tank farm

Altola AG Olten 2007


Hydrogen peroxide tank storage farm

Brenntag Schweizerhall AG 2016


Tanks for colors

Bosshard Farben 2008